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We are experts in cleaning every type of ventilation system. Areas of expertise also include laboratories and hospitals with particular requirements.

Reference Martin Steindl
„It was a joy watching the quick progress and witnessing the astounding results during the cleaning of all air-handling systems at our St. Valentin location. I will not hesitate to recommend you in the future!”
Martin Steindl, Maintenance & Facility Management, ENGEL, St. Valentin
Reference Zuzana Laugier
„Our hotel requires high standards in quality, reliability and professionality. Mr. Petrilak and the Alkion team meet those standards with flying colors.”
Zuzana Laugier, Head of Engineering, Four Seasons Hotel Prague
Reference Petr Korec
We appreciate long term cooperation, smooth and effective communication and high quality.
Petr Korec, Head of production 3D Puzzle, Ravensburger Karton s.r.o.
Reference Stanislav Dorazín
During every summer and winter production break we deal with a large volume of maintenance work that needs to be done by dry ice blasting, including exhaust cleaning. Alkion offers two-shift operations with 16 technicians that complete the job in a very short time.
Stanislav Dorazín, Maintenance Manager, Continental Barum spol. s r.o.
Reference Ted R. Williams
„Your hard work and dedication is a direct reflection of your outstanding pride and work ethic. We are very impressed and grateful for your ability to use the superb technology of cleaning with dry ice and able to access all of our troublesome areas.”
Ted R. Williams, Captain, U.S. Navy
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We are proud to say that we have pleased customers all over Europe. Long term cooperation, big projects, specific requirements – land or sea – that’s Alkion.

Design studies of a new robot

Technology and research

We develop our own equipment and application technologies, which keeps us independent from suppliers and we can apply improvements and updates very quickly. That makes us the best in this field!

  • In-house R&D
    In-house R&D
  • Hi-tec equipment
    Hi-tec equipment
  • University cooperation
    University cooperation
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    Alkion – HVAC cleaning
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    About Us

    We are the leading HVAC cleaning company in the Czech market with a constantly growing business in Germany, Austria and selected European locations.

    Our family-owned and operated business looks back to almost 15 years of experience. We enjoy a high level of trust within our company and the flexibility in evolving for and with our customers.

    Alkion is the ancient Greek word for Kingfisher. Its beauty, ferocity and diligence has been our inspiration.