HVAC Cleaning

Dry ice blasting

Sale of equipment and dry ice

Duct cleaning during production

Great savings without downtime

Do you conduct a lot of maintenance activities during the downtime? We can offer you HVAC cleaning and exhaust cleaning during the operation. We shorten the time that would be needed to shut down the entire production and significantly reduce costs that would be otherwise needed for cleaning.

Thanks to our exhaust system we can partially replace the central exhaust and suck the dirt into our filters.

Cleaning without dismantling

Inspection openings are enough for us

The fastest cleaning method is to create only several small openings into the duct and the cleaning machine put inside thanks to this opening. This is the way, how to avoid complicated dismantling and primarily backward installation (during which the joints are crossed, etc.). And this way of cleaning is used by our company.

Access doors can be opened again really easily, they are sealed and they fulfill all the fire safety and material standards. During the next cleaning visit, we do not have to create new inspection openings.

International certification

NADCA and VDI-6022B

We are the first company in the middle and eastern Europe, which is a member of international association NADCA and which is as well the bearer of the certificate ASCS. This certificate confirms knowledge of work procedures, safety and waste treatment from the ducts which were cleaned.

At the same time we are the bearer of the german certificate VDI-6022B, which determines these HVAC cleaning standards in Germany.

Commonplace is to provide our services in accordance with European norm EN 15 780.

Areas of activity

Where can we operate?

We specialize in large projects and complicated systems either in industry (foundry, welding, paint shops, plastic producers), in the area of hotels and gastronomy, office buildings or in blocks of flats, where we provide cleaning of central HVAC risers.

We are used to operate in the Czech republic, Slovakia, Germany, Austria and we do not have a problem operating in other states as well, e.g. Malta. We have experiences from projects in Mexico or USA.

What is dry ice blasting?

Ecological cleaning method without secondary waste

Dry ice blasting is an effective and ecological method of removing deposits and contaminants. It is usable on the spot, is non-abrasive and does not create any secondary waste.
Dry ice is the solid form of the pure carbon dioxide - CO2.

Dry ice blasting technology uses the unique qualities of this material:
KINETIC ENERGY - Solid particles of CO2 are accelerated to supersonic speed in the nozzle and that gives them high kinetic energy.

THERMAL SHOCK - Dry ice has a temperature of - 78.5°C. Therefore it undercools the surface and the contaminant embrittles thanks to the temperature difference.

REVERSE FRACTURING - As the Dry Ice media hits the surface, it expands rapidly and this shock wave tears off corrupted contaminant.

NON-ABRASIVE - Low hardness of dry ice (nr. 2 on Mohs scale of hardness) protects the surface against damage or scratches.

NON-REACTIVE GAS - CO2 is inert, non-toxic, electric non-conductive gas and has no negative effect on any material.

Our services

What can we offer you?

To our customers – to you – we offer dry ice blasting cleaning during downtimes. We are able to set up to 5 blasting machines and crews together.

We provide periodical cleaning of technologies during the week so the downtimes are as short as possible.


Where can be blasting used?

The processes, in which can be dry ice blasting used, are in numbers of tens, we pick up randomly:

- plastic (e.g. mold cleaning)

- welding (fast cleaning of welding tables or robots)

- foundries (mold blasting in gravitational or low-pressure foundries)

- rubber processing (cleaning of baked deposits from the molds)

ICS blasting equipment

Great performance in a compact package

We are an exclusive distributor of blasting equipment of Slovakian company ICS.

We offer all-inclusive selection of machines and accessories, we offer consultations and we help you with the choice of the best machine and nozzles combination. Of course we can demonstrate the machine in our premises or in your production.

IC 310-S

The most universal machine thanks to pellet's mill

Universal single-hose dry ice blasting machine is determined for universal use in the pressure range of 1 to 16 bars.

- Patented mill for the pellet's grinding (only in version IC 310-S)
- Patented dosing system
- Fluently controllable pressure of the compressed air
- Fluent regulation of the pellet consumption
- Resistant buttons with the LED signalization

Contact us and we will arrange a date for presentation or test directly in your plant.

Production and sales of dry ice

We produce our own dry ice

We have our own dry ice production with the production capacity of 300 kg per hour.

We deliver dry ice to our customers just in time. We guarantee that the time from production to the delivery will not exceed 24 hours.

Thermoboxes for dry ice transportation are made in-house. They are easily repairable and they have excellent insulation standards.

Thanks to these points we provide complete service from production, through transportation to the correct dry ice storage.

Accelerated example of dry ice degradation in normal conditions:

Service and maintenance

We repair all brands

Do you own dry ice blasting machine? Do you need service, regular maintenance or necessary reparation? Our technicians are used to repair machines and accessories of 6 different producers. (e.g. ICS. Coldjet, ASCO Jet, etc…).